Friday, August 5, 2011

Apartment Swap!

Well we used our 30 day guarantee to swap apartments.. from the 1 bedroom w/ loft on the 3rd floor to a 2 bedroom on the ground level.... The 3rd level was too much for my knee and it turns out the 2 bedrooms are just nicer.. and now I don't have to keep guard of the stairs with Maggie..

In our 1 bedroom apartment I set up the gate a couple stairs up so she could "practice" doing the stairs... I don't think I mentioned this on the blog but back in June when we were packing for Chicago Maggie snuck her way to a tumble down our staircase! It was traumatic for Seana and I, just a blip of an occurrence in Maggie's day thankfully. It helped that our staircase is split with a landing halfway down and they are carpeted. Well with that event I thought it a good idea to show her how you do stairs.. and she has since gotten it down... not great but pretty good... and she has taken what she has learned with the stairs to getting off our bed!!

So the plan this week is to get some furniture the new apartment is bigger and the lack of furniture is an eye sore!

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