Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A tour of UCONN

We have decided that Maggie needs to start considering her college options... A tour at the University of Connecticut is just the place for her... Don't you think?
If you must know Audrianna is a huge UCONN basketball fan and since UCONN is only an hour and a half away I decided to surprise her with a visit/tour! So I signed her up in advance of course and we headed out Tuesday morning for her half hour information session and 90 minute tour!

Audrianna will be entering the 8th grade this year and I personally think a tour at the school she loves is a good motivator for smart decisions next year when she is a freshman in high school.

We got to see a lot of the school and even got to see the inside of the basketball stadium.

Audrianna posing with Maggie with the Husky!
After the tour we went and got UCONN Shwag at the bookstore, Audrianna got a hoodie, a t-shirt and a winter hat! I couldn't help it and also got Maggie a winter hat... once you see her in it you will know why! Plus, Audrianna is sold and wants to go to UCONN so Maggie is going to support her cousin by wearing the cutest UCONN hat ever!!!

We also went to their sports museum.. they have won A LOT!! and seeing their trophies was pretty awesome.

We ended our visit with a trip to the Dairy Bar, UCONN has an agriculture department who makes their own icecream... in 24 wonderful flavors! You would think that getting to the dairy bar would be a snap but my GPS wasn't on its game and after a missed turn here and there, it took us on a dirt road with some mud puddles and pot holes up a hill and around the corner to what felt like a place we weren't supposed to be then back to civilization right in front of the dairy bar in less than 3 minutes! It was a fun little side adventure and our car Johnny 5 strutted his stuff off road!

The surprise was a hit, and I am pleased to say that Audrianna took the visit seriously and started to ponder how she wanted to plan for her future. She already started to stress about being accepted so it was a great opportunity to talk about how to ensure you get accepted to the college of your choice by getting good grades, playing sports, being involved in as many extracurricular activities as possible and volunteering for your community... oh yeah and getting good test scores! She finished the day pumped to work for her dreams! Not a bad way to end the day if you ask me! I am so proud of her!

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  1. What a great trip! I remember going to visit my first college at about 14 or 15 and being completely inspired! Good luck to Audrianna :)