Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas in Michigan!

We went up to Michigan for the annual Thornton Christmas and what fun it was to catch up with family and watch the little ones interact!!  

I have to say that on the way up we almost turned around; the roads (bridges) were all covered in black ice by the time we got to my Aunt and Uncle's house we saw 3 bad accidents!  It was nerve racking!!  

I didn't do the best in getting photos of everyone... oddly most of my pictures have Maggie as one of the subjects (like this is surprising to any other parent out there)!! 

Maggie and her cousin Mya
 Maggie, Seana and her cousin Harper!
 Seana and Harper!
 Aunt Rob with granddaughter Mya!
 Me, Melanie, Mya & Harper!
 Melanie, Audrianna, and I.
 Mya & Maggie!
 Stephanie, Bri, and Candice's tummy (baby boy to be!)!
 Mya & Maggie
 Stephanie, Mya & Maggie
 They look like they are deep in conversation!
 Landon, Maggie & Mya!
It was a short visit but worth it to see almost all our family!

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