Monday, February 20, 2012

The end of the unspeakable word

Maggie is a talk box and she has been able to say many words for quite awhile. What started as "ma ma ma ma" progressed to "mom mom mom mom". She says ball, Maggie, za zee (for Zia), milk etc. But there is one word that she just doesn't say and that is my chosen nickname Muti. For months I would say words to her and have her repeat them to me. I would say "baby" and Maggie would repeat "ba bee". I would say "mommy" and she would say "ma mee". Then I would say "Muti" to which she would reply with .... nothing ... just a stare and heavy breathing So for awhile it was a joke. I would joke with MJ that Maggie is doing it on purpose. I would joke that Maggie knew I wanted her to say Muti so just to prove Maggie is in control she was with holding it. I would joke ... but as weeks passed ... I started to get a bit jealous. She can say all the dogs names some colors, random phrases, but when I say "Muti" she just stares and breathes. So finally the end has come to the unspeakable word. I came home from work like I do five days a week and I crouched down and said the usual "Hug hug hug" while I pick Maggie up and give her hugs and kissing. Only this day Maggie ran to me, hugged me as said "Moo tee". To which I looked at MJ in astonishment and then squeezed Maggie and teared up. I love that little girl.

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