Friday, September 20, 2013

3 Year Update Maggie


You usually wake up between 8:00 and 9:30 in the morning.  We get you dressed, brush your teeth, then head down to breakfast (where Mommy does your hair), then depending on the day we do our activity.

Your Weekly Activities:
Saturday/Sunday-Family time with Mommy, Muti & Sebastian
Monday-Open day you start swimming on Monday mornings 9/30
Tuesday/Thursday- Preschool
Wednesday-Open day
Friday- Open day

You have a snack mid morning during or right after the activity and then we have lunch around noon.  We try to get you down for a nap around 1130 -noon if you are going to nap otherwise you don't nap anymore.  Your nap time is most commonly just quiet time where you hang out in your room and play quietly on your own and I usually bring you a snack around 2 and give you the choice to come downstairs and play or stay in your room and play.  Typically you want to stay in your room.

We either go to the park or you watch TV while Mommy gets everything going for dinner.  Dinner is usually around 6 or 7.

After dinner we hang out with Muti usually this involves playtime with Muti or bath time with Muti.  Then at 8:00 we start your bedtime routine.

Your Bedtime Routine:

Go upstairs and get on your jammies and night time diaper
Drink warm milk, hold your pacis while you get 3 books read to you that you pick out
Brush your teeth
Then we do our night time prayer and off go the lights.


You eat what we eat, with exception to most red meat, we also tend to not give you spicy foods as you try to lick away the spice using Mommy or Muti's hand or arm.  You drink 2-3 10 oz sippy cups of soy milk a day and you usually have a juice box of apple juice everyday per your request!

You are a great eater! Some of your favorites are peanut butter and jelly, mac & cheese, hot dogs and apples!

You have an understandable love for chocolate and marshmallows (mallows)


You are just not a great sleeper.  You still do not consistently sleep through the night.  You still have your paci's and God knows how those will fall to the wayside.


You are hopping, jumping, running, dancing, spinning.. and twirling which must not be confused with spinning!!  You are even pedaling around on your tricycle from time to time!

You pretend read your books, play make believe with your toys, stack blocks, color as well as know your colors, numbers and letters.

You articulate your words so well, and you use complete sentences.  You are even starting to use correct pronouns!! You are just so smart!

You understand peeing and pooping.  And even let us know when you need your diaper changed... however you and the potty are not friends.  90% of the time you refuse to use it.  And potty training has been a big battle.  But you will get there.


You laugh at so many things, the dogs and baby brother are always funny.  You like to call us "silly" when we are playing around!  You still love being tickled and you also love being chased!!


Your favorite "toy" is probably Goldie Bear, but you also like to play with Calico Critters and Blocks!  You have started to do role playing with your toy people and animals. 

You still love the boob tube... Your current favorites are Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi.


You are now wearing all things 3T!


The brown tips are still there but you have to really look for them, I know once you get your next trim they will be gone since they are only about an inch and half in length.  I have pondered getting it trimmed just to even it out but can't bring myself to do it.  Your hair is all the way down your back and I love to put different styles of braids in when you are patient enough to let me do it!  You always get such wonderful compliments when we succeed!


Your eyes are definitely blue and pretty as can be!


Birth: 9 lbs 8 oz (99th percentile), 21 1/2" long
3 Months: 14 lbs 3 oz (90th percentile), 24 3/4" long (97th percentile)
6 Months: 17lbs 12 oz (83rd percentile), 28 1/2" long (99th percentile)
9 Months: 18lbs 14 oz (56th percentile), 29 3/4" long (95th percentile)
12 Months/1 Yr: 19lbs 5 oz (21st percentile), 29 1/2"* long (67th percentile)
15 Months: 20lbs 10 oz(50th percentile), 31" long (87th percentile)
18 Months: 22lbs 8 oz (50th percentile), 33" long (85th percentile)
24 Months**: 24lbs 12 oz(43rd percentile), 33 3/4" long (42nd percentile)
2 Yrs**: 24lbs 12 oz(25th percentile), 33 3/4" tall (59th percentile), BMI=15.28 (19th percentile)
3 Yrs: 31 lbs (54th percentile), 37 1/2" tall (63rd percentile), BMI=15.5 (42nd percentile)

*Don't worry you didn't shrink, measuring your height isn't very accurate as they lay you down and mark off the end of your feet and the top of your head with a pencil then measure.  Chances are your 9 month measurement was off or your 12 month you had a bend in your knees or something.

**At 2 yrs you get put into a different age range for growth charting, the first listed (24 months) is based off the 0-24 month growth chart group, the second (2 Yrs) is based of the 2-20 yrs growth chart group.  They also start measuring your BMI at 2 yrs.

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