Monday, April 14, 2014

Car Seat Shuffle and Tooth number 7!

Tooth number 7 is poking through.  But not where I expected it. He still only has 2 on the bottom so I assumed that his next 2 teeth would be the 2 other front lowers but it is his 1 year molars...or molar on the right that has announced it's arrival.  Poor guy is chewing up a storm and even with pain reliever not sleeping the best.

Speaking of Sebastian growing...he
has outgrown the infant car seat so we had to choose between getting Maggie the next type of car seat which would include a booster seat or get Sebastian his own Convertible car seat.

Well Sebastian is getting another hand me down.   The barca lounger is now his! We got Maggie the Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 complete with cup holder and storage cubbie which I am sure will be filled with all kinds of stickiness soon. This will be her seat until she reaches 100 lbs or some height I don't know right off hand.

Doing the swap is not as easy as it sounds... seat covers have to be washed...especially the barca lounger... I found all kinds of stuff in the base of ties... food.  Then strap adjustments have to be done.  And then install.

The infant seat doesn't expire until 2016 so I am giving it to a friend who is expecting twins in late fall.  You know they could use a spare car seat! This also serves as my official announcement that we are done.   No more birthing of babies.

This seat is too small!!
 See...too small indeed.
 This seat is too big!!!
 This seat seems about right. ..
 Yep. Perfect.
"This is Maggie's seat baby brother!"-Maggie

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