Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Trip to Cali!

We just got back from a great visit with Seana's family who live in California. This was Maggie's first big trip which involved flying! Our flight had a connection in Denver, so round trip we had four total flights. Maggie was a great traveling buddy addition! She was fussy from time to time but the duration was short in each instance and she didn't get too loud with it so we count ourselves blessed that this trip we weren't hated by other travelers! However, I must say that we found it funny that while in the airport strangers would smile at Maggie, strangers would say how cute she was... and then magically upon boarding the plane... the smiles disappeared... and were replaced with "Blagh" looks of "Oh God there is a baby on this flight"... not even Maggie's cuteness could save us from the unhappy glances.

Now some pics... and more trip details...

Breakfast with a view in Denver while we waited for our connection to Sacramento

Our travel buddy enjoying the ride!

A clip for your viewing pleasures... see babies can be cute on a plane!

Once we landed and got our bags, Maggie got to experience California warmth and sunshine... we put her cool shades to use... they do provide UV protection believe it or not!

Upon arrival to Nana and Grampas house we were all beat and napping was in order! Here Mutti and Maggie catch up on some needed Zzzzzs

Of Course play time was also in order, Maggie had all the comforts of home provided to her by Nana & Grampa!

And boy is that Grampa funny!

Maggie loved grabbing at his face!

They were so cute to watch!

After a couple days of downtime and a wonderful birthday dinner for Seana, we headed down to San Jose to see Aunt Amber and Uncle Patrick and let Maggie meet two of her cousins, Matthew and Mark.

Here Aunt Amber is showing off her niece after her son Mark's basketball game.

Mark enjoying his win with a cookie and Maggie deciding sunglasses aren't her thing for this photo!

Matt and Mark chompin' on some goodies.

Candid shot of Maggie with her Aunt and Cousins.

Our time in San Jose was short lived, we returned to Sacramento... where I took my turn napping with Ms. Maggie... I love their couch, I think we actually have a similar photo of my sleeping on this couch in almost the same position as I am here from my first visit out there... minus the baby of course.

Maggie getting a photo op with her grandparents... California is so beautiful when in bloom, behind them is an apricot tree...everything is so green... and the weather is so nice out even when raining! This photo was taken on the day we were leaving.

On our way back to Indiana, we had another lay over in Denver, this time the lay over was 3 hours so Seana had worked it out with her sister to meet us. Two great things about this, we got to see Heather and Heather got to meet her niece.

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