Thursday, February 17, 2011

She be entertained!

So a couple weeks ago we introduced Maggie to a baby entertainer aka baby exersaucer aka baby play station which has been officially dubbed "the office". She just loves it! And so do I! This thing keeps her busy and happy for a good chunk of the morning... giving me the opportunity to get some things done FINALLY!!! So I send her off to work in her office while I scramble to play catch up. This thing... is so fantastic... so much so I found one on craigslist in California, so she would have it on our trip!

Here are a couple of pictures in her Office.

Looking Cool in her new shades!

Hard at work at the office!

Everyday, Maggie starts her day in the office, she watches her "Your Baby Can Read" Video and then maybe Baby Mozart or Baby Van Gogh while she keeps her hands busy playing with all her toys! Marley also loves when Maggie is in her office... She is at lick level... no more bending down to sneak in a lick!

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