Wednesday, May 11, 2011


You all may or may not have noticed a recent on slot of blog posts... but they are all from April... You have been a victim of back dating! I am finally getting all caught up on blogs... I have a list of drafted blogs that needed video or pics to post and I finally got them uploaded and put together to post.

Because I can, I have made the executive decision to back date Maggie's milestone blogs to either the day it happened or within a couple days of the event so that when we go back to read we can see the date it occurred on or near to.

The bad thing about back dating is some blogs get back dated past more recent posts... but a necessary evil for the sake of logging things chronologically.

So if you feel moved to see more of Maggie, you may want to look back through older posts from time to time to see if there is one or two that got snuck in when you weren't looking.

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