Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rocky Mountain High~Colorado!

Thanks to Seana's work schedule a trip to Colorado came to being. Of course this meant that Maggie and I got to accompany Mutti on a business trip... So while Seana was hard at work Maggie and I visited.... Or at least tried to visit as many people as we could.

I also attempted to take as many pictures as I could... The day I didn't was of course the day we met up with the most people. So here is a run down of our trip!

Sunday we packed up for our trip... Maggie enjoyed pulling herself up on the luggage and banging on the top!


We got up super early and caught our flight! We packed a little Baby Einstein to entertain Maggie if she was awake and unruly... it is amazing how much she focuses on her show! Here are some pictures of her putting my Fuzzy Pink SkullCandy headphones to good use!

When we got to Denver we met up with Desiree for breakfast at one of my NEW favorite breakfast spots SNOOZE!!

I am in love with their pancakes... I ordered their "flight of pancakes" where you get 3 pancakes and you pick the pancake (that's right they have the tastiest specialty pancake flavors!)... so I went with Pinneapple Upside Down Pancake, Red Velvet Pancake and Blueberry Lemon Bar Pancake!!! OH MY GOD HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH!!!

Then it was off to Colorado Springs where Maggie got comfortable with her new play area!

Once we were settled in we headed over to Robyn's for Pizza!

Here Maggie shows Robyn what else she can use her credit card for!

Kaytlynn and Wyatt hanging out...
Wyatt practicing his big brother skills on Maggie...
Ray and Maggie...


We got to hang out with Jenn and eat some sushi at our favorite Sushi place AI on Centennial!

We dropped in and visited Willow and her little package of joy Jackson!

Wednesday afternoon we stopped in and had coffee/lunch with Arlene!
Arlene's glasses were a hit!
Wednesday night we met up with a lot of great people at Old Chicago's I wish I had my camera out for more of it but I got this keeper of Angela and Maggie! Needless to say I think our next visit the venue will have to be more kid friendly!

Hanging out in the hotel.... what a mess we made!
We stopped in and visited Tessa at her work!
Maggie and Tessa!
For our lunch on Thursday we got the opportunity to meet up with Perri, a very dear friend of mine... actually a very dear person from my past, I used to babysit her when she was a kid and now she is all grown up and living in the Springs!

Perri and Maggie hanging outside Poor Richards!

Thursday night...
We met up with our friend Susan at Red Robin in Castleton! It was great seeing her!



We met up with some of our favorite Denver people at the Denver Aquarium for lunch and to see the exhibits.

It was a great meal with great company.... FYI there were 2 Heathers present. One being Maggie's Aunt Heather!

Seana, Maggie & Marian in the foreground, and Heather, Natalie & Odin in the background.
Desiree & Maggie

Heather, Maggie & Desiree
Heather, Seana & Maggie
Maggie, Desiree & Heather in the background
Seana & Maggie
Me & Heather
Me, Heather & Desiree
Seana, Maggie & Natalie
Seana, Maggie, Odin & Mo (Natalie is in there to but hidden!)

Seana, Maggie & Marian
One of the highlights was petting & feeding the stingrays!!! Heather (the blonde Heather) got nicked by one when she was feeding it... The video below is not of that instance just of a sting ray I got to pet.

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