Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have to love Seana's work sometimes... She had a training in Chicago at the beginning of June... so guess who got to go hang out in Chi Town!!

The trip was really great, we didn't do a lot of sight seeing during our time there. But we got to see some old friends which is better than sight seeing any day!

Before we could visit anyone we decided to try out some Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at Gino's (this was recommended by Maggie's occupational therapist who grew up near Chicago) We ordered a Sausage and Cheese pizza with the sausage rolled out as a big thin patty! Very good...I personally thought there was too much cheese... I think Seana is still craving more of this pizza!

For our first visit we saw Paula, who is the mother of one of my exes. She has a heart of gold and I love her! We met for dinner and got to catch up and the best part is she came bearing gifts! Thank you Paula for all the wonderful treats and your wonderful company! We ate at this fantastic little italian restaurant called Cafe Zalute & Retro Bar. Paula went to school with the owner so we even got special treatment!

Next up we saw Cliff, it was great to see his face! I got to see his "gaming" apartment which had the coolest set up for playing video games, however, not the best spot for Maggie to explore! We had lunch together and got caught up on life... he is going to school to be a nurse and just got done doing OB and delivery so we talked a lot about Maggie's birth. I forget the name of the restaurant we went to but I had a very tasty burger!

On Thursday we met up with Dan, who happens to be one of my exes. Also a great guy! We met up for lunch and got caught up. He recently got married so we chatted about his wedding some, and discussed what he has been working on now. We ate at this pizza place I really liked...the name has slipped my memory but very unique and not deep dish!

That sums up the visiting portion of our trip, I failed to get photos of Cliff and Dan oh well maybe next time.

I wanted to see my dear friend Barbra while I was in town but she was fighting a brutal case of the sniffles and we didn't want to chance Maggie getting sick.... Luckily I will be seeing her shortly for our Nashville reunion trip otherwise I think I would have chanced it!!!

During the week Maggie and I spent a lot of time hanging out in the hotel... it was nice to just be... no dogs to watch after, no chores to do... just Maggie and cable... I will say I was disappointed that the hotel didn't have the food network. I took some fun candids of Maggie playing in the hotel.

Maggie on the move and cute as ever!
Looking out the window
watching a plane fly by
Enjoying the view of the rooftop

The one sight seeing event we did was The Shedd, which is Chicago's Aquarium! Great facility... they have one heck of an Amazon exhibit I loved it! (side note as a kid I watched the National Geographic special on the Amazon quite a bit since we had it on video)

Looking at the Amazon exhibit!

Ooh Jellies!

Posing with the Chicago skyline!

We wrapped up our Chicago visit, by ordering two Chicago style hotdogs at a hotdog cart in the park next to the Aquarium! BEST hotdog EVER hands down... I love the Chicago Style Dog!

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  1. I was in Chicago at the Aquarium on June 25! Weird we were there a week apart! Maggie is getting so big and she's a beautiful baby!