Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reaching arms make me smile

Who knew that Maggie grabbing my pant legs to pull herself up so I can pick her up would make me so dang happy. Happy like the inside of my heart is dancing kind of happy. My big girl can crawl and does all over the place (I am sure you have seen the videos.) Along with all this crawling has come a wonderful side effect ... when she wants me to hold her she crawls to me (usually half crying) and then reaches her hands for me. My heart is elated just writing about it. Another thing she does these days is when I come home from work she will fuss until I come say hello to her and give her kisses. It is a highlight of my day. There is just something wonderful about my baby girl being able to express what she wants – usually to be snuggled and that sometimes she wants me to do the snuggling. Complete joy.
Some other highlights

1. Three of her nicknames remain intact – pooh bear, captain, and Sweetie Pea.
2. Right now she loves to pull herself up on things and then shake them as hard as she can. I have no idea why but it makes her smile and giggle
3. She has started making crazy noises when she inhales. Like she squeals with happiness on the inhale so it sounds like she is trying to catch her breath in a high pitched tone. Odd … but cute
4. When you pretend chase after her she tries to crawl as fast as she can to escape.
5. She has started eating puffed cereal … which as it turns out I also enjoy eating.

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