Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 Years!


You usually wake up between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning.  We get you dressed, brush your teeth, then head down to breakfast (where Mommy does your hair), then depending on the day we do our activity.

On the open days sometimes you watch TV so Mommy can do chores, we do errands or we do an outing to the Zoo, Children's Museum, or a park.

Your Weekly Activities:
Saturday/Sunday-One of these days you have special Muti & Maggie time with an outing that is just the two of you. 
Monday-Open day
Tuesday/Wednesday- Preschool Playgroup
Friday- Open day

You have a snack mid morning during or right after the activity and then we have lunch around noon.  At about 1ish you have your nap you typically sleep until about 3 or 4 in the afternoon, then you get up and have a snack.

We either go to the park or you watch TV while Mommy gets everything going for dinner.  Dinner is usually around 6 or 7.

After dinner we hang out with Muti usually this involves playtime with Muti or bath time with Muti.  Then at 8:30 we start your bedtime routine.

Your Bedtime Routine:

Go upstairs and get on your jammies and night time diaper
Drink warm milk, hold your pacis while you get 3 books read to you ( you have started to request which books!)
Brush your teeth and if you are getting put to bed by Muti you name body and face parts and then do silly faces, if Mommy is putting you to bed we just do funny faces and tickles.
Then we do our night time prayer and off go the lights.


You eat what we eat, with exception to most red meat, we also tend to not give you spicy foods as you try to lick away the spice using Mommy or Muti's hand or arm.  You drink 2-3 10 oz sippy cups of soy milk a day and you usually have a juice box of apple juice everyday per your request!

We still supplement your meals with veggie and fruit purees. 

You are a great eater! And you would rather feed yourself than be fed!  You still fall back on using your fingers during most meals but you successfully try to use utensils at the start of every meal!

You have an understandable love for chocolate (chock-wet)


Back in May you had gotten to the point where you were sleeping through the night and didn't need anyone sitting near by while you drifted off to sleep... Then came August.

August, I decided you were getting to big for the pack and play you were sleeping in and put your toddler bed back together... Which resulted in you no longer sleeping through the night and us having to monitor you until you were asleep.  The monitoring was because you weren't staying in bed and you were getting into precarious places...the 2nd and 3rd night we found you on top of the dresser in the top drawer screaming for help to get down!  So we began sitting with you in your room making sure you stayed in bed... Since August we have rearranged your room and baby proofed it more so you can again be left alone to drift off to sleep and as of now you are staying in bed when put to bed (there is almost always a reminder or two for you to get in bed but you aren't endangering your life just playing with toys)  and you listen when told and high tail it back into bed.  We are hoping that once you get more used to your toddler bed you will again start to sleep through the night.

Paci, Paci, Paci... Lesson learned for your little sibling to be... we are taking that thing away before the attachment develops!!!  You have attached to your pacis like they are your comfort object which is making removal difficult... Your Muti and I have discussed removing your pacifier altogether we just aren't sure how to go about it without turmoil... something we will have to decide on.


You can now jump off the ground just a itsy bit!

You pretend read your books, stack blocks, color as well as know your colors.

The pediatrician thinks your language development is at a 3 yr olds level as you have an abundance of words in your vocabulary, you know the alphabet and recognize all the letters, you can count to 20 and recognize the numbers 0-9, the concept of recognizing 10+ hasn't really sunk in yet but I am sure you will get it soon!  You speak clearly on several words and phrases, you use descriptive words "big" "heavy" "soft"; Most of your communication is in phrases and sentences... you astonish me with how you seem to be grasping the proper use of "you" and "me", "over here" and "over there".  Some of my favorite phrases you use...

"Hold my Mommy's/Muti's hand"
"Of Course"
"Good Job"
"Come on Zia, You can do it!"
"I can not believe it" -little einsteins reference
"Want Eats"
"Mommy/Muti make milk"
"Muti no work"
"Muti go work"
"Muti go Sarbucks"
"There you are _____"
"I see you!"
"Come see Me/You"
"Down the stairs"
"What are you doing!?"

You even some how incorporate the proper annunciation of Please... as " PEEEAAAASSSSSE!"

Some songs you know and sing:

Twinkle Little Star
Patty Cake
Tap your Sticks
Who's here Today
Wheels on the bus

You have started to understand peeing and pooping, and have even stated you were peeing when you peed.  You are starting to take interest in Mommy using the potty and have sat on your potty when I am in the bathroom.  So potty training is in the near future we just need to teach you how to take off your own pants! 


You laugh at silly faces, your favorite TV shows, the dogs and being tickled!  Sometimes you just start laughing out loud and we are clueless as to why but love hearing it!  You also do this silly dance, jump and march thing and laugh and "chant" while doing it!


Your favorite "toy" is the swing, this summer Muti made a habit out of taking you either Saturday or Sunday morning to go swinging and you just love, love, love it! You also love this "woofer" guitar we got for you for your second birthday.  We got it for you a few weeks before your birthday because you picked it up in the store and didn't want to let it go and this was one battle we opted to not have and let you wear it/play it all around the store, through the check out line, in the car ride home until we were able to distract you with your bedtime routine at which point we hid it until your birthday, you have been playing with it almost daily since you got it.

You are a bit of a TV Junkie I fear you may be taking after me.  Right now your favorite shows are Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Club House, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Dora, Diego, Elmo and Blue's Clues... you request them by name... More often these days it is either Little Einsteins, Blue's Clues or Mickey Mouse.


You are now wearing 18-24 mo/2T, there doesn't seem to be any uniformity in the actual size of pants in 2T some are way to big for you and some are just loose around your waist as you are still my skinny mini!  There are a couple 18-24 month pants I should probably set aside as they are making their way to becoming high waters but I want to get a few more wears out of them because they are SO cute!


The brown tips are still there but you have to really look for them, I know once you get your next trim they will be gone since they are only about an inch and half in length.  I have pondered getting it trimmed just to even it out but can't bring myself to do it.  Your hair is about halfway down your back and I love to put different styles of braids in when you are patient enough to let me do it!  You always get such wonderful compliments when we succeed!


Your eyes are definitely blue and pretty as can be!


Birth: 9 lbs 8 oz (99th percentile), 21 1/2" long
3 Months: 14 lbs 3 oz (90th percentile), 24 3/4" long (97th percentile)
6 Months: 17lbs 12 oz (83rd percentile), 28 1/2" long (99th percentile)
9 Months: 18lbs 14 oz (56th percentile), 29 3/4" long (95th percentile)
12 Months/1 Yr: 19lbs 5 oz (21st percentile), 29 1/2"* long (67th percentile)
15 Months: 20lbs 10 oz(50th percentile), 31" long (87th percentile)
18 Months: 22lbs 8 oz (50th percentile), 33" long (85th percentile)
24 Months**: 24lbs 12 oz(43rd percentile), 33 3/4" long (42nd percentile)
2 Yrs**: 24lbs 12 oz(25th percentile), 33 3/4" long (59th percentile) BMI=15.28 (19th percentile)

*Don't worry you didn't shrink, measuring your height isn't very accurate as they lay you down and mark off the end of your feet and the top of your head with a pencil then measure.  Chances are your 9 month measurement was off or your 12 month you had a bend in your knees or something. 

**At 2 yrs you get put into a different age range for growth charting, the first listed (24 months) is based off the 0-24 month growth chart group, the second (2 Yrs) is based of the 2-20 yrs growth chart group.  They also start measuring your BMI at 2 yrs.

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