Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grandma Visits and a Trip to the Zoo!

Sebastian is going on 4 weeks and we were blessed with a week with Grandma!  Her visit included cuddles, a new quilt, a trip to the zoo, a zoo membership, we built a castle and had lots of Grandma and Maggie time!

First up cuddles with Grandma....
I think she is loving the smell of a baby!!
Got to love those cross eyed moments...
Grandma made Sebastian his own little truck quilts... as you can see he loves it!!! 

One of our favorite places to go to is the zoo here in Connecticut, they are a small zoo no elephants, giraffes or lions... but animals like prairie dogs, wolves, tigers and farm animals.... complete with the perfect bench to sit on...
 and the best paths to dance on!!
 Looking at the buffalos with Grandma!
 Pretending to be otters!!
 Showing Maggie some bald eagles!

 How tall are we now??
 They have a bear you can sit on!!!
 Checking out the biggest fake cow ever!
 Most importantly playing with leaves!!

 Grandma got someone a lollipop!!
 Hanging out in Maggie's room!

 Maggie pretending to be a Grandma!

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