Friday, March 29, 2013

2 Week Update ~ Sebastian


You sleep, you wake up, you are fed, you are changed, you may look around a bit or fall back asleep.  The pediatrician says you are more alert than the typical 2 week old!  Your "witching" hour is still around 8 or so at night and you need constant care until about 11 or so at night.

One thing is for sure you are a velcro baby, you want to be held always!


Exclusively breast fed!  And you are a champ at eating!  You do seem to spit up quite a bit but the pediatrician says that is normal and you will probably spit up more the more active you get... hmm.


You still sleep a lot but that is to be expected. 

Night: Your waking times are becoming a pattern; usually around 2 AM and the again around 5 AM but sometimes you wake up at 3AM and 6AM... but you seem to sleep the same amount of time every night.  You have taken it easy on me by falling back to sleep with ease. 

Day: You sleep most of the day waking up a little here and there to eat or look around,  more so this week than last week... You still wake up grumpy around 8 PM  and consistently get you settled back down for the night between 10 and 11.


Eating, sleeping and pooping... You are doing them!  You are making eye contact, reacting to loud noises (thanks to Maggie) and reacting to bright light.


You smile when you are in a milk coma, right after eating before being burped.


No toys yet


Good bye Newborn sizes and smaller 0-3! You are too long for some of your footsie pjs and smaller onesies you are wearing all 0-3 month items unless they are on the smaller end of the spectrum.


It appears Red!  You may end up a strawberry blonde but you definitely are looking to be my handsome ginger baby. It looks like your head has a 5pm shadow on the top front as your hair is starting to grow in!


Your eyes still look like charcoal right now, we are pretty confident you will have blue eyes but for now they are just a very dark gray.


Birth: 7 lbs 15.512 oz; 21" long
1 Week: 8 lbs 7 oz (54th percentile); 22" long (99th percentile); 14" head circumference (68th percentile)
2 Week: 8 lbs 12.5 oz; 21.25" long*; 14.61" head circumference

* You didn't shrink you were incorrectly measured at your previous appt.

Getting checked out by Odie

 Awake and Alert!
 Big Sister checking in
 Snuggling with Muti

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