Sunday, March 17, 2013

Welcome Sebastian Jack!

Well March 13, 2013 has came and went and it was in fact a beautiful day thanks to the birth of our son, Sebastian Jack! 

We had to be at the hospital by 6:30 AM, we successfully walked into the hospital at 6:33 AM which is not bad for us... given that since Maggie was born we always find ourselves 15 minutes behind schedule!!! 

It was a strange feeling going into the hospital bags in hand like checking into a hotel all freshly showered with a full night's sleep and no contractions or hours of labor to contest with.

I can't deny that my nerves were frazzled... as the minutes ticked by and the time for the surgery inched nearer... I felt more nervous.  Seana seemed to just get more excited as the minutes passed but we facing somewhat different fates... and the wait was extended with an emergency so we waited.

Then it was time... I had to go into the operating room without Seana for the final prep... she got dressed and took this picture.... while I had my spinal done.... 
 The Drs and staff were doing their best to keep me distracted during the final prep... and my spinal which was done by some guy named Jeff, who was hilarious but monotone, was not painful at all... He is a talented man.  They even let me have first choice of music played... which I requested... No Country... (Sorry Sara L) so the Dr. Deal picked classic rock.. and I was laid down... this time my wrists weren't strapped down... I had to lay out my arms but they didn't strap me down... which was nice... By the time Seana came in I was a nervous wreck but trying not to show it... I was all prepped and we were ready to go... and with Seana holding my hand they started in.... Just a few moments later we noticed the music was dark and not so happy so they skipped the song and it happened... our son was born... to "Here comes the Sun" by the beatles... and to everyone's surprise his cord was wrapped around his throat 4 times!  So I would have had to have a c-section anyway... Justification the the elective C was the right way to go this time!

And here he is!
 Cleaned up...
 And a bit unhappy to be naked in a cold room!!!

 His weigh in....
 a bit closer.... his weight however was logged as 7lbs 15 oz in their system it turns out they input the weight into the computer as grams and the conversion rounds down instead of up like this scale.... We are going with this one even though his birth certificate will probably go with the lesser.
Weight: 8lbs 0 oz
Length: 21" long

 Finally... a blanket!!!
 Being held by Muti!
 Love at first sight!

 Out of recovery and in our room finally!!  The great thing this time was he stayed with us!  I got to hold him as we were wheeled to the recovery room and he stayed with us in the recovery room!  So much different than with Maggie's birth.
 This is the man that steals my heart!
 Muti holding Sebastian when Maggie comes to meet him!

Such a cutie!

 We were discharged on the 16th!  And my attempt to bring him home in a cute outfit was a fail... as he spit up all over it moments before leaving... so his take home outfit is a hospital shirt,  and the stocking cap and blanket knitted by his Nana.

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