Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1 Week Update ~ Sebastian

We are going to start this blog with a couple pictures of Sebastian Jack in his take home outfit that didn't get to make it's debut! So adorable!! He got to wear it to his 1 week appointment at the pediatrician!


You sleep, you wake up, you are fed, changed, you may look around a bit or fall back asleep.  Your "witching" hour is around 8 or so at night and you need constant care until about 11 or so at night.

Exclusively breast fed!  And you are a champ at eating!


You sleep a lot but that is to be expected. 

Night: While in the hospital you were kept in the nursery and then brought to me when you woke up to be fed, I was woken twice a night and that has been the pattern you have continued here at home.  Usually around 2 AM and the again around 5 AM.  You have taken it easy on me by falling back to sleep with ease.

Day: You sleep most of the day waking up a little here and there to eat or look around,, but seem to wake up grumpy around 8 PM (this seems to be your witching hour)  We can usually get you settled back down for the night between 10 and Midnight.


Eating, sleeping and pooping... You are doing them!


You smile when you are in a milk coma, right after eating before being burped.


No toys yet


You can wear Newborn and 0-3 but your body length makes some of them a tight fit, you won't be in the NB much longer at all.


It appears Red!  You may end up a strawberry blonde but you definitely are looking to be my handsome ginger baby.


Your eyes look like charcoal right now, we are pretty confident you will have blue eyes but for now they are just a very dark gray.


Birth: 7 lbs 15.512 oz; 21" long
1 Week: 8 lbs 7 oz (54th percentile); 22" long (99th percentile); 14" head circumference (68th percentile)

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