Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last Belly Shot!

Here it is the night before our scheduled c-section and we thought it fitting to get one last belly shot in.  Here it is my belly at 38W 6D!  

He has actually dropped more... so much so when I had my appointment this week they noticed he had as well and decided to do an exam to see if I was dilating... the answer not yet!!  My midwife's response was well we will see you Wednesday morning if not sooner.  

Well I think we are going to make it to the c-section without incident... My hospital bag is packed, Nana is in town to watch Maggie and we are wrapping up our final evening as parents of an only child which included ice cream with jet puff and chocolate sauce!!  Yum!

Well our next blog will be all about our baby boy to be!  We have pretty much settled on a name... that being: Sebastian Jack but we do reserve to change it if it just doesn't seem to fit!  

Alright time to shake the nerves and get some sleep!  Send us good vibes, prayers and a bit o'luck!

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