Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Uneventful Event

Since Maggie's delivery was less than ideal, both MJ and I were more than a little nervous about Sebastian's scheduled c-section. There were so many worries in fact that we basically talked about none of them. We did not mention all the things that could go wrong. We did not speak of my fears of losing MJ or her fears of having another sick baby. We instead just plugged along hoping to make it to the 13th.

So on the due day, I found myself elated and overly excited that MJ had in fact made it to the 13th and that today we would see our baby boy. My fear had passed and my hopeless optimist took over. It was better than the best Christmas morning when you know there are presents awaiting you and you have not yet been given permission to open them.

By the time we got to the hospital (yes we were running a little late), I was grinning like a fool. I was practically skipping to the elevator. I looked at MJ and realized that she was now faced with the enormity of actually HAVING another baby. As in, she was about to have major surgery. So MJ was understandably nervous and not skipping to the elevator with me.

As MJ was getting all her pre-items taken care of, like IV and medical information, we hear a nurse mention an emergency D&C coming in. So we were going to be delayed for an hour or so before MJ could have her c-section. As we sat and chatted to pass the time, I took a few moments to just appreciate where we were and the day at hand. I also realized I should have packed better snacks since I was already hungry.... but what can you do.

The morning had already been so different than with Maggie. We had slept the night before, we were prepared for the hospital, we chose to go to the hospital and we were both fully aware of what was happening. The nurses were joking with us. The Doctor was joking with us. We were relaxed (as could be) and excited about the morning. It was a great experience so far.

Finally it was our turn for the surgery. Since last time it was an emergency and the time span of when I suited up to when I went in seemed like 15 minutes or so, that is what I expected this time. They wheeled MJ away and I got on all the gear to be able to join the surgery and witness the birth of our son. I found a random chair and took a few "selfie" pictures with my medical garb on. Then ... time ticked by... and I waited. You try not to think about why it is taking so long, but I was starting to wonder why it was taking so long. I started to think perhaps they forgot me. When I nurse finally came to get me I expected her to be walking out with a baby because it had been so long.

When I walked into the operating room, Melissa was not strapped to the table like before and the Doc was listening to music and happily chatting with the other doctors and nurses. I looked at my beautiful wife and could see she was more than nervous so my immediate course of action was to basically talk to her and keep her happy and distracted.

While chatting with Melissa, I was keeping a keen eye on the nurses. I learned from last time that the Doc is there for Melissa but the nurses are there for the baby. If they looked calm and happy, that meant things were OK. So far so good. Jokes still flying - Doc was even chatting with us.

Then - I saw the doc look at something and then call a nurse over. She then processed to make a phone call and another nurse appeared. At this moment, I tried to do three things. 1. Not panic. 2. Not make Melissa worry. 3. Pray. I knew something was up, but wasn't sure what.

The music playing had turned into thrash metal and we asked for a new song to be play. The next song randomly on the playlist was "Here comes the sun" by the Beatles. Once the song switched, it was moments later and the doctors were counting randomly to 4 and I was told to get my camera ready.

This was the moment... where both Melissa and I finally, after 9 months, exhaled. We exhaled with joy when we heard Sebastian cry loud and clear. It was the best cry I had ever heard and I remember looking at Melissa and saying "Do you hear that! He is perfect." I looked and saw his pink little body and perfect hands and feet. Then I cried. I cried with a kind of relief and joy I had never felt. This huge weight of fear had been lifted and there in my arms was a perfectly healthy little boy. He was perfect and it was a perfect day.

The doctors informed us the Sebastian had the cord wrapped around his neck not once, but four times!! So chances were, if we tried for a VBAC, we would have had a c-section.

Many people when asked what one of the best days of their life are will mention their birth of their kids. Now I know what they mean. Tied for top 1 of my best days - the day Maggie came home from the hospital and the day Sebastian was born.

It was the best uneventful event I have ever had.

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