Saturday, July 12, 2014

Maggie our BIG Girl!

There were two things keeping Maggie from officially being a big girl.  

1. Using pull ups at night
2. Using paci's in her room and to sleep. 

Maggie has been potty trained since Thanksgiving last year, but we were still using a pull up at bed time for just in case... and it was needed from time to time especially after bath nights.  Last weekend I mentioned to Mutti that I couldn't remember the last time Maggie's pull up had been wet in the morning.  Mutti couldn't recall either so with that Mutti decided it was time to stop putting on pull ups!  Well it has been a week and we have only had one incident and it was after bath night.   No more pull ups!

A girl and her pacis are a bond hard to break but with 4 just around the corner a chance we had to take!  Just like the pull ups, the paci break up was a bit spontaneous.  A while back we got Maggie a book called the Binky Fairy and we have been reading it to her sporadically.  Well in the book when you are ready to be a big kid you put your binkies in a red box for Bubbles the binky fairy to take away and give it to a newborn baby who needs it.  

Well Saturday afternoon/evening we were in Target and came across a my little pony that had reward written all over it.  So we suggested to Maggie that if she give up her pacies to the paci fairy and made it through the night without them then she could have this pony... She was ALL about it.  She wanted to get that pony!!

She carried the pony in its box all around the house with her when we got home, which was allowed as long as she didn't open the box... Bedtime came and she realized what she had agreed to... so tears came and went and the pony reward ended up sleeping with her still in the box.   She had finally agreed to no paci as long as the pony stayed in bed with her and with the knowledge of knowing when the sun came up she could open it.

Well 515 am came and she was ready to open it... the sun was up!!!  So Mutti and Mommy helped her open her reward for making it through the night with NO Paci!!! The pony got played with for maybe 10 minutes but the rift had been made.  She had made it one night without a paci! 

Sunday night was a little hard she wanted her paci and found the box we had put them in and looked for them and found they were gone... Bubbles had in fact taken them.  So she resigned herself to going to sleep without it but not without a melt down.

Monday Mutti brought her stickers for getting through her second night without the pacies which helped with Monday night's bedtime... she asked but knew the answer and didn't have a fit.

By Thursday she had stopped asking and randomly mentioning throughout the day that the pacies went in the box and there are no pacies.  She received a pink pencil box with holographic butterflies.

Now here we are at a full week with no pacies and no pull ups!

She is indeed our big girl!

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