Thursday, July 10, 2014

Snip Snip ~ Sebastian's first hair cut!

Sebastian's hair is golden blonde with the slightest hint of red, it is beautiful especially the way the sun hits it when we are outside.

His hair is also slow to grow and fill in.... so there wasn't any reason to rush to get his hair trimmed.  We could have even held off longer but I thought that if we cut it, it would fill in better.

So hair cut day was turned into a family affair, I made an appointment for both the kids and Odie.... I stacked them pretty close but figured I wouldn't run into problems between dropping off Odie and getting to Trixie's cuts... but I started with one problem... running late... So I called both places and pushed the appointments 15 minutes... got to the dog place and realized I didn't bring my bag.  So I went in any way... They took Odie but had to call into his vet to verify he was up to date on shots... he was... and what I thought was going to be a quick drop off took at least 10 minutes.  We ended up being about a half an hour late but Trixie's was very understanding and got the kids cut and took payment over the phone since I didn't have my wallet.  Here are pictures of the kids:

Once the kids hair was all done we headed back to the house to get my wallet then back to petsmart to get Odie from his haircut!  Kind of a fiasco of a day but we got all our check offs on the list!

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