Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh the carbon footprint!

I am very thankful that I live so close to one of the top 5 Children's Hospitals in the nation, the progress Maggie shows everyday is evidence of their abilities! Well that and a lot of prayers and positive thoughts from all around the country!!

I have to say, I have been enjoying my time with my baby girl even though we hang out in sterile one time use land. Hospitals have to be the biggest worst culprit of creating landfills full of recyclable products.... among other things.

I am by no means the greenest of individuals, but I try hard to work at being ecoconscious and well, I cringe a lot in the NICU!

They don't recycle anything, namely PLASTIC! Which could easily be recycled.

Everything, is used once and then tossed.

They have a "No hitting the floor policy"... which applies to everything! I dropped a pillow on the floor, they took the cover off and threw it into the linens laundry and then threw away the PILLOW! At least they saved the cover SHEESH!

The irony is, I bought cloth diapers and cloth wipes, to minimize our impact on the environment... I will of course be using them once we get home... as well as trying to brainstorm other ways I can lessen our little miracle's impact on the planet.

I thought restaurants were horrible with the styrofoam containers... not even close!

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  1. So happy your beautiful baby is doing better. I know about the impact hospitals make, I am an ER nurse. It nauseates me the amount of trash our department alone creates. I asked the hospital if we could have recycling bins in the ER so we could recycle mainly plastic, I mean we were even giving patients 8oz. bottles of poland spring and then tossing all of those bottles. They said no because it wasn't cost effective. That money won't be worth anything when we have no planet to live on.