Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Growing up my family didn't celebrate Halloween. I always felt like I missed out.... on what? Well CANDY of course.

My parents were quite religious when I was younger and since Halloween is a pagan holiday we weren't allowed to take part of any part of it... if it was on a weekday... we didn't go to school that day. Once I reached adulthood, I dabbled in celebrating, but I always felt guilty for it. Yep guilty for dressing up and going to a party.

So when raising our daughter I have of course pondered whether to take part in this holiday or not. And I say "Bring on the Candy and leave the guilt behind". To Americans this holiday is no longer about it's pagan roots it is about dressing up and getting or giving candy... or maybe a good scare. There really is nothing to feel guilty about.

Here are some photos of our little chili pepper celebrating her first Halloween!

We had to test her costume on our unsuspecting pets first!

Ready to hit the streets!

Getting used to being a chili pepper

Since Maggie's lungs are still healing and we are on public restrictions, we picked 4 houses to visit in our neighborhood, all neighbors we know. So trick or treating this year was short but sweet. And her Mommies got some candy!

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