Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ah Poo!

Just thought I would share that I learned a new skill this past week... scooping poop out of the bath tub.

That's right.

I drew a nice warm bath for Maggie put in her and her toys and not even two minutes in to my horror she puts on her poo face and out it bobbed I nice warm poo... I did what had to be done... scooped the poop immediately out with my bare hands dumping it directly into the toilet... I then rinsed my hand off in the bath water while pulling Maggie out to stand and watch in wet nakedness as I drain, wash out, refill her tub put her in... then wash her toys to continue with her bath.

Maggie was unphased by the event.  I however am forever changed.

To really make sure I was well practiced we had a repeat performance for her next bath this time while skyping with my parents.   So not only did I have to scoop poop again with my bare hands but I had an audience.

Making light of this I told my Mom that I was sure she could relate, surely she has scooped poop out of the bath tub... Her response is... "I have never had to do that... or I have since blocked it out."

Parenthood is so adventurous!  I am just thankful it wasn't loose was in fact the perfect consistency for scooping out in one piece. I bet you are glad I added that last little tidbit!!

I hope this painted a wonderful image for all of you out there.

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  1. Cody was the WORST about that! It seemed like every single bath for months involved "logging" as Jason put it. It got to where I put his potty in the tub, and he'd go there. (Worked great for when he missed, too!)