Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well last night I got to add chicken and pea vomit to the list of things that has been projected upon me by my bundle of joy.

We woke to hearing the dreadful sound of vomit retching at quarter to 4 this morning.  I came into Maggie's room to find her on her back with vomit all down her neck, in her hair and on her face as she cried and gagged.

I jumped into rescue mode being that she was on her back so I rolled her to her side checking her airway to make sure she wasn't choking and then picked her up just in time to have her puke on my shoulder.  My poor baby was so upset and confused as to what was happening to her.  And so was I... I didn't know what to do next.

So I woke up Seana to help me try to clean her up... my feeble attempt with a wash cloth was soon replaced with a full on bath.  Surprisingly Maggie became more cheerful.  She does love bath time!   Seana consulted the internet and offered to go buy some Pedialyte but we decided to hold off and see if she throws up again before making a red eye run to the drug store, perhaps this vomit session was just a fluke.  So I got her all cleaned up then changed, we swapped out her blankets and I started to put her down again when she sat up and grabbed her foot.

Something was in the footsie of her PJs... uhh weird. So I half undressed her and retrieved the baby tylenol syringe from her jammies.... I have no idea how that happened to get there.  But at 430 in the morning I didn't care.

Just as I was starting to rezip her up it happened again... Vomit!  BAHHHHH! All over the new blankets the new set of PJs, the new diaper and the clean baby... I had managed to catch some of it in my hands so I quickly ran to rinse off in the sink as Maggie wailed.  I hurt for my baby... I grabbed a towel and quickly returned to Maggie where I stripped her and wiped all the puke off her... She didn't have any in her hair so I opted to let the wipe down be all the clean up for now since it was no longer a fluke.  Seana had disappeared downstairs to get the first round of blankets and pjs in the wash when she came back up I let her know there was a repeat so she stripped the bed and grabbed the pukey pjs as I sat and held our baby wrapped in her last clean blanket.  Seana got another pair of PJs for me to dress Maggie in and then went to the store to get Pedialyte and some bland foods for our little girl to have today.

Maggie fell asleep in my arms, I nodded off too.  I woke up to the garage door opening a horrible crick in my neck and decided to put her back in her bed.  She didn't wake up or throw up and I crawled into bed.

A little after 9 I felt a little hand touching my elbow, and there she was.  My Maggie awake in good spirits and carried with her the distinct aroma of vomit.  I however was beat and Seana was still in bed which means she had decided to work from home given her middle of the night escapades; so I pulled Maggie into bed with me but she was done with sleeping and gave the food sign... I took her down to give her bananas, Seana said that was a recommended bland food.

I cut up a banana and she devoured almost the whole thing... and then it happened she puked it up... somehow I manage to catch all of it in my hands... (I need to start carrying a cup perhaps)  So I washed my hands then wiped her chin she was upset of course so we cuddled as she drank some pedialyte (which stayed down).

Some time passed and we decided to try and give her some english muffin little bits thankfully that stayed down too, so we gave her a plum tots banana, quinoa and rice puree and more Pedialyte.  This has stayed down too!! YAY!!

Nap time was approaching and we decided since she hadn't thrown up that a bath and showers for us were in order... it seems we all kind of smelled like vomit.  We could have been dubbed the McVomits for the morning.

Bath time went great, and Seana was able to get Maggie down for her nap while I got showered!

YAY!  So here we are well into nap time and things are looking up.  Hopefully the puke-a-palooza is done.  Now off to clean up the remaining aftermath...

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