Friday, January 20, 2012

Plagued by diaper rash and other foolishness

*sigh*  This week has been a hard week as Mommas to Maggie.

She is still adorable as ever, and pretty happy go lucky.... but she also has the sniffles, her sleeping through the night has gotten worse which I didn't think it could... but it did... and she has been fighting off a diaper rash.

As we speak she is running around the living room bottomless with her balloon in hand.  Chalk one up to adorable... until you check in with her crack.. poor thing is all red with bumps... We have upped the amount of diaper changes through out the day to try to keep her dry.... we have also applied more than one type of diaper cream on her tushy... and we are letting her air out which is an "at risk" activity... I can now include pee puddle clean up to my duties!  Perhaps I need to up her baths...

The sniffles... I am hoping all the head congestion and feeling yucky is what has put a wrench in night time... For 5 or so days now... it is a lot of waking up, and not wanting to fall back asleep, needing to be cuddled, or just plain won't sleep until it is time for the rest of the world to get up and get ready for work... then she will sleep.... 

Admittedly last night was much better she only woke up 4 times and no battles were required to get her back to sleep just a touch or pacifier retrieval... So maybe there is hope or maybe it was the Breathe ointment my friend Tonya overnighted to me.

Every parent can relate I am sure... One thing Maggie is good at is sharing.. both Seana and I have also gotten her sniffles to boot.  UGH.


  1. I found a product that works really great on diaper rash called Super Healing Salve. It is all natural and heals any kind of skin irritation really quickly. I have used it on my kids eczema and it works wonders. My friends have used it on their kids diaper rash with great success. You can get it from

  2. I broke down and called the nurse line for our pediatrician on Tuesday... She said to continue to let her air out but they recommend a triple cream layering...

    Layer 1: Lotrimin (Jock Itch) Cream- antifungal
    Layer 2: 1%HydroCortizone Cream- anti itch
    Layer 3: Regular use diaper cream for us Boudreaux's

    She said if it hadn't improved by Friday (today) then to call and schedule an appt... Good news it has improved! It isn't completely gone but it is well on its way!