Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Beardsley Zoo

One of the great aspects of being back in Connecticut is my zoo membership hasn't expired and I still have a free pass up my sleeve!  So we decided to spend part of our Saturday going to the zoo as a family!  The parking lot made it seem like everyone had the same idea!  As we were trying to find a place to park I spotted a spot, and also spotted another car coming the other direction who had a better angle and beat me to the blinker!  

Let me just preface that we know about 4 people/families outside of Seana's work so the chances of running into someone we know are scarce.... but wouldn't you know it the family I gave up the parking spot for we KNEW!!  It was Miles with his Mom & Dad!

So once we were ready to head in the zoo we opted to go say hi and we unanimously decided that we should go through the zoo together!

Here are some pics...

Maggie in wolf house

Maggie looking out and "touching" a wolf (great camera angle work by Muti!)

Maggie being cute (Miles' Dad in the background)

Miles & his Mommy and Maggie & her Muti checking out the Otter!

Sir Otter!

Miles & Maggie tolerating this photo shot!

Miles & Maggie checking out the alligator (well Maggie is really just checking out the ground)
Maggie sporting a super cute twist hair do (yes I am proud)
Maggie Measuring up!

Maggie Measuring up last summer for comparison!

On the move!

Maggie & Muti having fun at the Zoo!
It was a great trip to the zoo and the fact that it serendipitously became a group outing made it twice as fun! We can't wait to hang out with them again!

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