Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter, Egg Hunt, Ear Infection E! E! E!

Easter has now come and gone, but we actually did plan a little egg hunt for Maggie, complete with her own new Easter Kitty!  I have to thank Dora the Explorer in preparing Maggie for the egg hunt, we actually bought a Dora DVD for our trek to CT and one of the episodes is an egg hunt.  This completely prepared Maggie for a what an egg hunt entails, mostly it taught her that when you open eggs there is a treat inside!

Warning Side Story about to unfurl!  A week or so before Easter I was going to make Maggie a scrambled egg, so I pulled out an egg and placed it on the counter.  Cue Maggie wandering into the kitchen pointing at the counter "Egg, Egg, Egg" "OPEN!!!"  I then preceded to pick Maggie up and explain to Maggie that this is a real egg that there is no "treat" inside just her breakfast that has to be cooked, which turned into me attempting and somewhat succeeding in cracking the egg one handed into the pan and cooking one handed while she watched on my hip.

Back on TOPIC!  We went out an got the little plastic eggs to put treats in and picked out some Hershey's chocolates, and a big Easter Egg with a toy inside.  We then took Maggie to Build-A-Bear where she in her own fashion picked out her Easter Friend.  This ended up being an orange kitty.  She held on to him while we explored the mall after and then when we got home we put him back in his Build-A-Bear box and set him aside for her Easter Gift. (1st thing we won't be able to pull off next year)

On Easter, in a very unGodly fashion chose breakfast at Cracker Barrel over attending Church (Which by the way was a great time to go, the place was empty!) We then came home and relaxed and I loaded up the eggs with their treats then took them out and put them in the yard for hunting. (2nd and 3rd thing we won't be able to do next year)  To spell out that would be:  2.  Wake up and do anything before the egg hunt  3. Do the prep work for the egg hunt at my leisure)

Maggie did great with her egg hunt and we put together a short trailer and a longer video of her Easter Egg hunt:

All in all a great Easter for Maggie's first experience.  In the future we want to incorporate more Jesus and maybe a planned meal!

Now, Maggie has been fighting a cold since the beginning of April, so last Monday I took her in to the Dr since her cough was sounding more wet and not clearing up after almost 2 weeks!!  We also noticed her playing with her ears, so we went in and after a long wait we got to see the Dr.  He did confirm she had an ear infection in her right ear and that she is at high risk for bronchitis since the "flem" seems to headed toward moving into her chest.  So we were told to give her Children's Mucinex for 4-5 days and amoxicillan for 10 days.  Well today is the 10th day, she still has a cough when she wakes up but is fine the rest of the day, she is still playing with her ears... so I am not sure if she is completely out of the woods.  Her follow up appointment is on this Monday so we will see how we look.  I am still worried!

This blog has been brought to you by the letter E!

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