Friday, April 20, 2012

The Silverman's Farm

This week we didn't have our preschool playgroup as it was spring break for the local schools... so we all still wanted to do something enriching for our little tots and Natasha had mentioned a local petting zoo!  So we decided to give it a go!

Silverman's is quite the farm!  

Here are some pics..

Maggie learns the importance of feeding from your palm when her little fingers got nibbled.
 Checking out the chickens!
 Attempting to feed the chickens...
 Oooh buffalos!
 Maggie such a cutie!
 Maggie trying to give the lamb a kiss!
 Having fun in the play area!

A little trailer for your viewing pleasure! The farm has a good variety of animals, plus some fun "farm" themed play areas and even a maze! All of our tots enjoyed everything it had to offer including the gravel on the path! After we went through the petting zoo we crossed the street to the Market, where I bought one of their homemade pies... I must say it was tasty but Seana and I agree both our Moms make a better pie... It must be the love they throw in at the end! They also have some local honeys available so I got a couple to try. It was a great day!

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