Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stepping Stones with Miles

One of our first outtings in Connecticut was to the Children's Museum "Stepping Stones" with Miles and his Mommy, Natasha!  We had a blast in Tot Town where we explored and worked on our stair ascents and descents! 

Maggie checking out the Fish!
Taking a ride on the school bus!
Miles joins in!
Fishing or rather sitting in a fishing boat!
Tot sized staircase fun!

Here is a video of Maggie showing off her stair climbing abilities!!

 Cooking in the kitchen!

Off to the Energy Lab for wet water fun!

We get to wear a lab coat!! A water resistant lab coat!!
Stop taking pictures Mommy!!!
Miles showing us how it is done!

Yummy Brushes...
Maggie showcasing her lab coat well next to the water tub with dry ice!
The little tots in action!!

It was a great day for tots and Mommies alike!  It was fantastic having some one on one time with Natasha during the drive to and from!  She is a blessing to have met!!

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  1. love this the video is amazing! cant wait for more adventures together!!