Saturday, March 17, 2012

Words Words Words

Maggie adds new words every day to her vocabulary, and the way she says most words are well cute...

Here are some of her words with how she pronounces them.

Color  (cuhwuh)
Purple (puhpuh)
Blue (boo)
Yellow (Yeh Oh)

Eat (eee)
Eating (eeeteen)
Cracker (cah kuh)
Cookie (cookie)
Milk (muk)
Cheese (eees)
Juice (uice)
Yummy (num num num)

Mommy (Mommy)
Muti (Mu key) *rarely states this word, she calls us both Mommy or Momma

Jump (dump)
Walking (wahkeen)
Sitting (stitteen)
Slide (side)

Waggle (waggoh)
Wiggle (wiggoh)
Wee (wee)

Eye (eye)
Hand (hayn)
Mouth (mowt)
Tongue (ton)
Nose (no)
Ear (ee oh)
Toes (tchoes)
Feet (beets)
Head (ehd)
Hair (ayuh)

Kitty (tchitty)
Sheep (baa)
Cow (moo)

Marley (Mahwee)
Zia (Za-Zee)
Odie (Oh- Dee)

Water (wah  tehr)

Cup (cup pee)
Tickle (pickoh)

Car (Caw)
Car Keys (Caw Keys)
Go (go)
Ball (Bahw)
Block (Bahx)
Box (bahx)
Cold (Coh)
Hot (Hot)*stated with more emphasis
No (no)
Up (up)
Down (down)
Upstairs (upschaihs)
Stars (steyes)
Moon (moon)
Flower (fawuhh)
Pretty (beetee)

I know this is not all of her words but it is all I have remembered to include in this running list!!

I should try to get some of these recorded I can't show her inflection or how she over or under emphasizes certain parts of a word.

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