Thursday, March 8, 2012

Legally mine

This is back dated to March 8th, but I wrote it on April 12th.

I am proud to be an adoptive parent. It is amazing when you knowingly choose that you will not only sign your life away but you will also sign a legal pact to commit to a life of support for a child. Its like unconditional love put to paper.

I was the first person to hold Maggie (well besides those two seconds the Dr had her). I was there the night she was sick and every night since (except a few business trips). She is my daughter and nothing changes that fact. Legally adopting her just solidified what was already in place.

I am thrilled that the law now recognizes Maggie as my daughter. It is nice to no longer need forms and signatures to make decisions for Maggie. It is a huge releif to not have to worry about her being taken away if something happened to MJ. And it is wonderful that MJ and I live in a state that allowed us to have a child- legally - together.

What's even better is now Maggie is like every other kid ... she can complain that she didn't get to choose her parents.

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