Monday, March 19, 2012

We have MOVED!

Well we did it again!  We have moved! We are back in Connecticut!!

This is a big reason the number of blogs have really decreased, packing up an entire house is a job in itself so almost all other "activities" have fallen to the wayside.

We are renting our home in Indiana to what seems like a great family.  They seem very excited about making the home theirs which couldn't make us happier!  We love our home but Seana's work requires us to be away from it, potentially forever.  Given that, we have agreed to our renters having an option to buy our home.

We found a cute little place in Trumbull, it is a 2000 sq ft 3 bedroom 3 bath home.  We lost 800 sq ft with this move but we chose to just downsize our belongings and got rid of some big furniture items like Seana's 8 foot LoveSac with a few other LoveSacs (upscale bean bags)  as well as our sectional couch and our trundle bed.  The trundle we passed off to family so if we ever need it again it is available!  We also got rid of our kitchen table, some area rugs, and our pub table and chairs.

We are loving our new place although we still have a ton of unpacking to do!  We decided it needed paint, the walls are/were very scuffed up so we spent the first couple days in our new place painting.

I have to say that I am very thankful for my Mom, who flew out over her spring break and helped us move!  The timing couldn't have been better, we were packing up the truck and trekking east the same week of her spring break!

I think she had a blast, she got a lot of time with her granddaughter and "got" to pack, clean and paint!!  If you know my Mom these are tasks she finds joy in!  Which we needed some joy mixed in!! I enjoyed all the time we got to spend together!

Here are some pictures that span our move!

Maggie repurposing a packed box... we were couchless at this point!

 Maggie using a roll of packing foam as a chair....
 A contained Maggie during truck packing day!
A stop at Cracker Barrel for a meal on our way to Connecticut!
 My Mom <3
 Once we arrived in Connecticut we needed to get a kitchen table... so here are some pics from our trip to IKEA to buy a inexpensive okay to get banged up table!  Maggie and Grandma played it up in IKEA!

 We bought Maggie her first pillow on this trip since she really got a kick out of this kid bed peek a boo session!

I think I will try to provide some before and after pics of our new home once everything is all finished!

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