Tuesday, February 12, 2013

34W Belly Shot!

I finally did it!  This is 34W5D... 

My Doctor's office has already switched me to weekly appointments... actually the past 3 weeks I have done weekly appointments... we are guessing because of my colitis I have been deemed "higher" risk and they started doing weekly stress tests on the baby (I get strapped to a machine and the baby is heartrate and activity are monitored for 15 minutes) So far every test has come back normal, even ideal... My next appointment is tomorrow I am getting a growth ultrasound to see how our little guy is growing as well as the stress test... The ultrasound is not something they normally do so again we are assuming it is because I was sick...but any opportunity to get a peek at our little guy we will take. 

We have also decided to go with the planned c-section and it is scheduled for 7:30 am on March 13th!  So as of tomorrow we only have 4 weeks to go!

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