Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3 is a Prime Number

Admittedly so I like numbers... Perhaps it is because I was raised by a math teacher who home schooled me my kindergarten year. And in that year taught me to add and subtract in the 100s but didn't teach me the ABC s. Given this I can't help but smile at today... the start of our 3rd try is just littered with 3s.

Today the 9th day (3^2) of December that is the 12th month (3*4) at 3pm (1500 military time also 3*5) is my ultrasound appointment to check the size of my follicles. This appointment will be the beginning of determining my most fertile day of the month to get inseminated.

So in light of all these 3s let me join in the chorus of "3rd time's the charm" here's to feeling as positive as I can without setting myself up for heartache... A balance I think I am far from finding especially by stating my true feelings of being hopeful that this time there won't be any heartache to be had.

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