Thursday, December 31, 2009


So we can be pretty retarded sometimes... we both are good with numbers but apparently can't count....

Since November only has 30 days, our count is short a day... grumble grumble....this is a bit of a bummer because I was getting a little stoked midday yesterday that no visitor had shown up.

So today is day 32, tomorrow I will be officially late according to the corrected count.

As I mentioned before, Im not sure when I would get my period this time around given my lil' follicles slow growth.... nothing like a lazy egg to throw a wrench into our schedule. So it is possible that I am not late tomorrow I could just have a longer cycle this time around.

I have noticed some pre-period symptons... my nether regions/abdomen feels a bit achy and my breasts are sore and swollen (this is also a symptom of pregnancy so we can throw this tell tale to the wayside for now) although I haven't been a complete bitch in the last couple days so this could be a promising token.... or my girl is lucking out this month with only having to deal with a mild case of my PMS.

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