Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well it's time to say good bye to 2009. It was a year packed full of events, family, vacations, and adventures. The year we tied the knot and made some big decisions... Indiana is still in the works, I see it on the horizon... And this endeavor to start a family is well on it's way.

We decided the best way to ring in the New year was to go and hang out at my girl's best friend's place and have fondue and snacks!! It was great to see her BFF, the BFF's kids and the BFF's parents. We played a couple games and headed home before the clock struck 12.... This was for two reasons we were both very tired and we didnt want to deal with drunk drivers.

Before heading over we decided to see what a pregnancy test would say, this is a day earlier than we had said we would take the test, but it was nearing the end of day 32 and curiosity got the best of us. So I peed on the stick and left it for my girl to look at(this is one of her other jobs). I busied myself in our little kitchen not wanting to think about it. My girl headed into the bathroom, then slowly emerged with tears in her eyes... she saw two lines and held it up for me to see. Two lines is positive... I couldn't believe it...

I figured it was wrong... My girl looked at me and reminded me that they are like 97% accurate... I still couldn't believe it. While getting stuff together to go over to the BFFs house, I decided to drink hot tea and a big glass of water... A few minutes before we were supposed to head over I decided to pee on a stick again... My girl checked the results... still positive.... even diluted! It started to set in and I am now officially excited. We decided not to talk about it at her friend's place but mentioned our excitement to one another in our moments alone.

I woke up Friday morning, New Years Day still not quite believing it... since the pregnancy tests come in packs of 3, I went to the bathroom and peed on the stick again.... We got 2 pretty pink lines. What a wonderful way to kick off the New Year... expecting. I owe a call in to our Dr. monday morning so a blood test and exam can be done just to confirm.

I still have my hesitations, I've read that the risk of miscarraige doesn't go down until after week 12. I have seen a friend lose a baby and the pain to go through it publicly and have to tell everyone the story of that loss. Given this we have gone back and forth about saying anything to anyone before 12 weeks just to not have to say we were expecting but aren't anymore. However, since we decided to blog as we take this journey we thought it best to continue the course.

We are pregnant but hesitant to get our hopes too high given the the fragility of it's existance in the next 8 weeks. We hope you all will keep us in your prayers as we move toward the 12 week mark.

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