Monday, January 25, 2010

Big Changes

Well we are 7 weeks along, and things seem to be progressing smoothly. This week we are very excited for our first ultrasound appointment!! We are scheduled for Thursday a day shy of our 8 week mark.

Ultrasound aside, this will be a very interesting week for us. A week for big decisions. We were supposed to go to Indiana this weekend to go house hunting. We ended up house hunting in our very big bean bag. My girl has a sensitive back and on Friday morning she got out of the car and it locked up on her... She still can not stand up straight. I feel so bad for her, as she hobbles around with a bit of a chicken strut. Given this we cancelled our trip and resolved ourselves to a weekend in.

With the inability to see the houses in person we made the decision to put a lot of faith in our realtor and shop through her. So our realtor went to the houses we have picked out along with some others she thought may be a good deal, and talked us through each house over the phone, and then at the end of the day sent us a ton of pictures for the top 3. We picked one of those and put in an offer, as of this morning the offer has been countered and we accepted it! This course of action can be seen as very adventerous or very stupid... Im going with adventerous!

We are pushing to get an inspection done this week because as of this morning a new countdown has begun... I call it the two week notice countdown. We both think it's wisest to get the results of the inspection before I put in my two weeks notice, but we also want to be sure that I will have time to repack up what we have been using for temporary living for the big move to another state. Given my pregnancy and the amount of crap we have not been good at packing for our two mini moves, I think a week and a half unemployed should give me enough time to get the job done right.

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  1. I'm sorry for your girl. Hypersensitivity, especially on the back, is no joke. Hope she gets well soon. Good luck on your house hunting.