Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So we went to our fertility clinic yesterday to have blood drawn, It was one of our quickest visits, my girl came with me as she wants to be part of the entire process and I love having her support. We both had to look away during the "withdrawal". They called an hour later with the results. Positive!!

I have to go in again on Wednesday to have a second round of blood drawn, they said they will use the results of the first as a base line, they are looking for the results of the second to have the hormones doubled from the first. That seems like a lot to happen in 48 hrs... This could explain why I am so tired...my body must be working overtime.

Like in my girl's last post. I am already feeling some affects... or my head is playing games with me. One is I am tired.... so tired. I usually can push through or dig deep and find some energy but the last couple days I just have to sit down. I look around our new place and I see all these boxes that need to be emptied... I start on them and not even 10 minutes later I have to sit down. Grumble grumble... how is anything going to get done!

I am hitting the gym today, Im just hoping I have energy enough to make it worth the trip!

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