Monday, January 4, 2010

Did someone just hear a clock start ticking?

So if you have read MJ's post then you know we found two pink lines hiding on a stick on New Year's Eve. Here is my side of the story

So New Year's Eve before we went to my best friend's house for dinner, MJ took a pregnancy test. As I was walking in to the bathroom to look at it, I was formulating what I would say when I saw it was positive. I was thinking I would yell, or make up a story or something. Then I saw the harmless, little white stick with two pink lines and all my snarky plans flew right out the window. Instead, my eyes started to tear up and I just walked out of the bathroom slowly showing MJ the two pink lines on the stick. Then we hugged and I cried.

MJ didn't seem as excited as I had expected. I was confused why she wasn't jumping for joy. Then she admitted she thought it might be a false positive. ..... I was like "What? These things are like 99.7% accurate. Only people who poop on the sticks screw them up. " Then I had the oddest feeling. Like a giant count down clock started. A 9 month - your life is never going to be the same in the best way possible clock. I had flashes of everything I needed to get done. "Holy crap I have so much to do" I thought to myself.

As MJ proceeded to drink tea and water so she could take the test again I started thinking about all this stuff. And the whole thing didn't seem real. This is why we had been going to the Dr for months and now that it was here I was confused as to what I should be doing with myself.

The next morning, after the third happy pink stick, I started to see MJ get excited and she let me call my mom. The first person we told. After all that, I started packing boxes to move into our new place in town. How anti-climatic.

Take aways
1. No matter how planned pregnancy is, it is still a surprise
2. Joy mixed with hesitation to be too joyful seems normal
3. It is amazing how two pink lines can make you cry.

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