Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bonus offer

It has been interesting throughout my life as I go through things, I learn more and more about my parents. You would think after growing up with them and living with them day in and day out there would be nothing new to learn .... that is so far from the truth.

What has been a real blessing with this pregnancy so far is I am getting to know things about my mom, my Grandma and MJ's mom that I wouldn't have otherwise. I had no idea my mom thought about naming me after my Grandma. I also had no idea that MJ's brother was breech and sitting on his own cord. (Neither did MJ).

I just find myself happy to get to learn these little tidbits that wouldn't have come up otherwise. It's a great opportunity. Like that scene from Angels and Demons where they let the professor into the Vatican library and you all the sudden have access to all this extra information. It's a pretty great bonus to MJ being pregnant.

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