Monday, January 4, 2010

Sleep / no sleep already?

So admittedly I have never been around a pregnant person everyday so I have NO idea what to expect. This last weekend we were moving into our new place. There was NO way I was going to let MJ do any heavy lifting. But what was amazing to me is my normally "push through to get it done girl" actually sat down here and there and took it easy. She even let me unpack some stuff while she napped. She NEVER naps ... well unless we are at my mom's house. I have seen this woman on just a few hours sleep push through the day.

I am amazed how quickly this pregnancy thing happens. One day we are reading pink lines, next day, MJ is napping and waking up a bit queasy. She is having odd pains, feeling tired, and randomly hungry for beef. I am starting to wonder things like "Can she take Tums? Can she eat honey? What if it isn't pasteurized?"

Last night MJ was having some discomfort that was keeping her up. And I found myself not being able to sleep because I was worried about her and the little budding baby.

So since I can't feel what she is feeling, my biggest concern is MJ and MJ's wellbeing. And I want to do what I can to take stress off her and let her rest when need be. She is giving our family such a gift by being willing to have a child in the first place that I want to help support her anyway I can. Plus - let's face it - I like to spoil her ;)

Take aways
1. Pregnancy symptoms like being tired show up really quickly
2. I now have an excuse to nap "To support MJ"

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