Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Everything and nothing all at once

I have been at a loss for words lately trying to describe how I have been feeling. This is my forth time trying to write this blog.

Basically there is all this baby excitement. I am considering things based on how pregnant MJ will be or how old the baby will be. And I smile at the thought of a little one all the time. And I have this desire to name the "baby bean" - plus I want to talk to it. But for today ... well .. everything is the same. I mean MJ has been tired and hungry which isn't her usual m.o. but lots of people get hungry and tired. It is not like she has turned purple or grew and extra arm. So it is like this big thing is happening, but you can't see it or play with it so your brain starts to think maybe nothing has changed.

I wonder if guys feel like this. Maybe they do. Maybe they don't notice cause they are too distracted by larger breasts. ha ha ha.

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  1. It is an interesting stage, I have these symptoms but at the same time they are symptoms I have felt before.... this isn't the first time in my life I have felt nauseaus, its not the first time I feel hungry or tired... so the idea that I am pregnant can be fleeting because nothing about me has really changed aside from my larger breasts... this happened to me before too in middleschool.