Friday, January 8, 2010

It's 4AM!

The symptoms are in full swing. I got up the other morning at 430 in the morning because I was feeling nauseous and had a banana to hold me over until the sun came up! My breasts have grown, they are sore on some days and not so sore on others. My abdomen gets weird tinges of pain or cramps from time to time... according to the Mayo Clinic guide this is my uterus growing in preparation... YIKES!

Last night I had to sit up for a while in bed because my hot wing dinner was giving me a heartburn sensation.

At this very moment, I am wishing I had more than just a banana to eat as I'm feeling a slight light headedness and nausea. And the light headedness is turning into a bit of a headache!

The odd thing is, I feel blessed to feel them because it makes it real and makes me feel at ease that I am getting symptoms as it means things are developing.

Working out has been a challenge this week, as I get worn out so quickly and light headed if I try to push through it too much. It really is amazing how quickly your body takes a toll when pregnant!

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