Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tylenol Sucks.

So my headache from Friday took a turn for the worst... it's a migraine! They really are my favorite type of headache, with the throbbing pain behind my right eye that never seems to subside. . .Truly are lovely.

I'm only supposed to take tylenol, which by the way is not headache medicine, and I try not to take it for as long as possible.... it does dull it but it just hasn't gone away.

I am thinking about trying acupuncture in the next couple days if it doesn't subside Im not sure what other alternatives I have given the limitations I have on pain medication.

Grumble grumble... I am still thankful.

I also feel as though all of my posts as of late are whiny... Sorry about that... I will try to move away from the symptoms and write about something less annoying.

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