Thursday, December 3, 2009

Keeping on the same course

So after a good discussion with my girl we have decided it really is too soon to deviate from our current course.

Realistically it takes most couples up to 6 months to get pregnant, why should we be any different. (In my head I finish that sentence with because we have to win silly!) My girl will also be the first to tell you that I am competitive about almost everything... I want to be better than everyone in the room in at least one thing... it's pathetic I know this. That being said our friend K managed to get knocked up by the second attempt, granted their method was different but still by unconventional means given she to is oh so gay... So part of my heartache this past month in it not working is we didn't even tie.... I have reminded myself this isn't something you can compete over this is our own journey. (In my head I want to say those are the words of a loser...see it's not healthy to be in my head).

Back to what I was attempting to write about, staying the course. My thought was that when you are working on a hypothesis you don't deviate or change up the formula until you have a good amount of data to draw conclusions from, at which point you recognize one variable change that one variable only, test it and gather more data... so scientifically two months of trying does not give us enough data to go changing the variables!

My girl researched our conundrum by contacting a friend of hers who did this process successfully a while back and found out that she didn't get pregnant until the 4th try... so competitively speaking I have one month to beat them.... or in a more socially acceptable manner this is proof that we will have success if we are patient.

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