Wednesday, August 4, 2010

34 Week Prenatal Visit

We have now officially had 2 prenatal appointments with our Midwives. I have to say, I really like the extra attention. Each appointment with them has been well over an hour, and we discuss my pregnancy, my health, the baby's health and our plan. It's not a quick check in and then we are on our way. Every question they ask, is discussed, and they explain the why's which is really great.

They still evaluate me medically, most of their questions are medical, they take my weight, I have to pee in a cup. But they review the results right away. So at yesterday's appt we learned that I am starting to get a UTI (urinary track infection), which is very common during pregnancy. I don't have any symptoms yet really or they are being overshadowed by my pregnancy aches and pains. So they gave me a list of holistic methods to clear it up before it takes hold. UTI's can lead to pre-term labor so addressing it is important.

It's very interesting how Seana and I are in our appts, it's kind of like we trade places. Seana is on the defensive quite a bit as we discuss things. I think it is mostly because it is a holistic approach which is different than a conventional medical discussion which we are both used to. My mom has always been a fan of holistic methods so I don't think much of their suggestions, but Seana is quick to question it. She wants to protect me which I think is cute. I love that she is willing to question them for my safety.

Im looking forward to our next appt, it will be at 37 weeks, it is supposed to be a 36 week appt but schedule conflicts pushed it out. Anyway, our next appt will be our home visit. They actually will be coming over for dinner and a prenatal. By this appt we have to have all of our home birth supplies on hand, and they are bringing their supplies so that we are ready to go should I go into labor!

I think we will do cheese fondue for dinner, who doesn't love cheese??

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