Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy At Work on my List

I put up my to do list along with my 36 Week belly shots.... Here is what I have accomplished (I've grayed out completed items):

Move Nursing Chair
Put together Birthing Kit
Prepare freezer meals for 1st couple weeks postpartum
Put together baby first aid & medicine kit
Set up Diaper Station on main level
Put together Nursery Art
Wash the New Outfits for 0-3 months
Deep Clean House
Get Carpets Shampooed
Finish putting together guest room 1
Finish putting together loft
Finish organizing office
Finish legal paperwork for our estate planning
Work on Seana's adoption paperwork and requirements (i.e. get background check)

I am now in my 37th week, which puts my due date just under 3 weeks away! I can't believe it is only weeks away... I have been used to it being month's away, some date in the distant future.... and now it's practically upon us!! I'm very excited to meet our little girl. I still can't believe Seana and I are going to be parents... what a crazy year!

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