Friday, August 27, 2010

Ah ... an evening off.

It is completely true what they say, when you work for something, you appreciate it much more. My time had been packed these last few weeks. Started my new job, taking baby classes, taking quarter end exams in school, traveling for work, studying for my certification tests, meeting with Mid-wives and all while trying to eBay items so we have some extra cash for baby stuff.

I had no idea how long it had been since I had a night off until I realized two things. 1. I rented "Rear Window" 4 weeks ago and I finally got to watch it this week. It is the only TV show I have watched.
2. I had no idea the weeds on the side of the house were waist high because I hadn't been in my own yard for that long!!!

MJ has been holding down the fort. She has forgone some items off her house list to help me plow through mine. Without her, I would have at least quit school by now and I am pretty sure run away from a training class I had last week. So this weekend is a much earned reward where I actually get to participate in doing some last house items until the Queen Bean gets here.

I never thought I would be so about being able to wash a car so I could put a car seat in it ...

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