Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Belly Shot: 38 Weeks 3 Days ... and an update

Well we have made it to 38 weeks, which is full term! Here are the belly shots for 38W3D for you all to enjoy.... yes I am even bigger.

True Belly Shot:
Belly Shot with shirt:

So last week during week 37, our midwives came over for my prenatal and home visit. We had a night of snacks if you will. I served Caprese Salad for an appetizer, a Romaine Salad for well a salad... and Pub Cheese Fondue for the main course... and for dessert I made a Blueberry topped sour cream coffee cake! YUM!

During our meal we discussed my health and went through the prenatal appt usual round of questions. One of our midwives explained her theory on why she thought I might be a week or so past my due date... one is I am a first timer and two I have a longer menstrual cycle than average and theoretically this equates a longer gestation. Last week I was okay with being a week late, I have worked hard to not get to ramped up on an expectation of when she may be joining us. They jokingly requested I not go into labor this week as they are at a midwife conference. I wanted to tell them not to tempt the universe by bringing it up!!

After dinner, we gave them a tour of the house, pointed out to them areas they would most likely be using during our home birth (i.e. the laundry room). After some discussion of where the big event was going to take place we or I guess I decided on the master bedroom. The midwives suggested I pick the place I am most relaxed and comfortable... and I actually really love our bedroom it is very calming and where I do feel most comfortable! During the master bedroom tour they also saw our bath tub in the master bath and informed us that it is the ideal size if we wanted to use that as our birthing tub instead of the inflatable one they brought. We are thinking it over.

Lastly, came my check up. I layed down on my bed we got to hear her little heart beat! They felt around for her position she is in the perfect position and they measured my belly... the result 40! Let me back peddle and explain just in case you are not familiar; the fundal measure is done from my pelvic bone up to the top of where the uterus sits. Typically you measure in centimeters what your gestation is. So if I were 16 weeks my tummy would measure 16 cm. Now since 16 weeks I have always measured 1 cm bigger so I was 17 cm. Which happens, but since my last measure which was at 34 weeks (the result 35 cm) our little girl has been growing by leaps and bounds apparantly. So at 37 weeks I am measuring 40 cm.... ummm that's 3 cm larger than I should be!

The midwives gave each other a glance and one of them casually said I guess we should get your birth supplies here sooner than later! And they less jokingly stated they would prefer it if I didn't go into labor this week.... I don't really have any control over this but I have been mentally requesting next week... next week...next week. Keep in mind they have a back up midwife on call should I go into labor... the downside of this happening is we haven't met her. Seana of course asked if that meant it would be sooner, they of course said what they always say. That is a question we can't answer, but this could be a sign it could be sooner but there is no way to know.

My attempt to not set an expectation has gone out the window, I am hoping for next week, one because it's not this week. Two our little girl has gotten quite strong and many of her jabs, kicks and rolls well HURT! And three I have hit the 3rd trimester wall! I am tired of my body being so weighed down, I am tired of not being able to move around easily, Im tired of tossing and turning all night....mostly Im tired of eggs and protien and eggs.... I hate food right now which is not like me... I hate eating which is also not like me. I guess I am just tired and ready to meet our little girl.

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  1. I'm a recent blogger and have read your entire story. Congratulations on being so close to meeting your little girl! I'm sending out next week vibes for you!